Airline Wifi

Airplanes used to be the only wifi free zone. The usage of tablets, smartphones and personal computers was not allowed. Now, major airlines can't afford to restrict the wifi access, and they even discovered a new cash cow in the air.

Singapore Airlines offer Wi-Fi on  A340 and A380. In the US and on transatlantic flights,  the wireless services are already available. Passengers can surf the web and send text messages and make voice calls. Air France offers from next February two Boeing routes. American Airlines offers the service already on domestic flights. Air Berlin currently has no Wi-Fi. The Japanese carrier ANA introduces Wi-Fi on international routes in the summer of 2013. Lufthansa's Condor charter flight servicesgives limited access to selected video's, audio and games.

Delta is already equipped with Wi-Fi and charges on flights over three hours $ 12.95. You can get an annual card for 399.95 USD. Japanese airline JAL introduces wireless on the route between New York and Tokyo. Emirates Airlines grant free wifi access on planes to V.I.P members. Lufthansa coveres flights to Central and South America, the Middle East and the North Atlantic, Japan and Korea. by Karla Koi

Eagle Star Bus

Eagle Star Bus 

The Eagle Star Bus is one of the favorite public transports in the Philippines. The Eagle Star Bus Terminal is located in Vision Street, Barangay 371, City of Manila, Philippines.

Eagle Star Bus Terminal Karla Koi

Worlds biggest koi fish aquarium

Koi carp

Nishikikoi (Japanese 锦鲤, literally "brocaded carp")

The Nishikikoi (Japanese 锦鲤, literally "brocaded carp"), short also called Koi is a form of carp (Cyprinus carpio). Koi or in compositions also-goi is simply the Japanese word for carp generally.

There are cultivated varieties of Koi that the European cultured in the mirror carp or Zeilkarpfen Squamation same. These are doitsu (Japanese doitsu = "Germany, German"), or more precisely called Doitsugoi (German carp).

Theories on the origin of Koi

The origin of the koi is not clear. They should come from the Danube region, the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Aral Sea, now the People's Republic of China or Korea.

China colored carp were known, according to traditions 2,500 years ago. They originated in the common carp breeding, already in the 11th Century BC had a great tradition, since China is the oldest fish farming land. More than 2400 years ago (770-476 BC) during the so-called Spring and Autumn Period, the Chinese court official Fan Li wrote a book farming, which is the oldest in the world.

Even in the book Yangyu Jing Yang Cui Bao ("Yang Cui Bao classic fish") of Yang Cui Bao (c. 316-265 BC) should be to find records of multi-colored carp. As the first son of the philosopher Confucius was born, to the Duke of Lu, Zhao Gong, have given him a carp. The philosopher named his son after the gift Kong Li (孔 鲤 / 孔 鲤 - Chinese 鲤 / 鲤, lǐ "carp").

The carp symbolizes strength, because it is the only fish that can overcome the waterfalls of the Yellow River
The varieties cultivated today are mainly from Japan. But also in other countries such as Israel, Singapore, South Africa and more beautiful animals are raised today. It is certain that the Koi does not come originally from Japan. How did he come to Japan, is also debatable. One theory is that it was introduced by Buddhists from Korea, another that it was in the time of the Chinese conquest of China to Japan. Of carp also report two other Japanese books from the year 713 Hitachi Fudoki (natural impressions of the Hitachi region) and in the year 720 Nihon Shoki (Chronicle of Japan). Certainly is not, whether it acted to color carp because the Japanese character for Koi same time the Chinese characters (Li yu) is for carp. The reason for this is that in Japanese only Goi or Koi "carp" is. Only in conjunction with the sign of brocade which is called in Japanese Nishiki is the normal color for carp carp, which we know to German as koi.

In the 18th Century were held by rice farmers in today's Niigata Prefecture carp for food ENHANCE. Niigata was at this time very difficult to achieve and instructed the people in the winter on a diet with carp. Thus there developed the carp. By 1800, the breeders from the region of Niigata fell for the first time on the color mutants. At the beginning of the mutation is limited to red, white and bright yellow Koi. Because of the remoteness of Niigata, the color carp spread very slowly. Were brought to Tokyo in 1914 where they won the second prize of 27 Koi Taisho Exhibition. Seven of the Koi was the Crown Prince Hirohito as a gift, which was a biologist by profession. The exhibition was the breakthrough of Koi breeding, as it is known today. by Karla Koi

German roads without speed limits

German roads without speed limits Germany is one of the few countries without speed limits. The German highways (German autobahn) has lots of nice open roads with a recommended limit of 130km/h. That's why many speed tourists come to Germany with high speed street cars like Lambo or Ferrari. Home of the Porsche turbo, we have many race tracks around Stuttgardt.
The dream of most European fast car drivers are roads with no speed limit. A trick is to enter in a reverse search "no speed limits" in your navidrive or navteq drive. The nissan gps update provides a great list of "no limit tracks" around Germany. - Karla Koi

Big Cinema Sitiawan

Big Cinema Sitiawan

The Big Cinema Sitiawan is sorrounded by POPPERS Bubbletea Sitiawan and severall restaurants like Hailam Village Seafood, Sitiawanand and KenNeth's Place, a famous Burger-Restaurant.

To book a ticket, visit the big cinema sitiawan booking ticket page or the big cinemas lotus five stars sitiawan to get the big cinema showtimes or use the big cinema sitiawan online booking.
Karla Koi

Sat Nav Updates

Sat Nav Updates
Get the latest sat nav updates on Navteq maps for nissan connect or Sat Nav Updates for you jaguar car have just been delivered to europe. The ( test shows great results in the better map material. Get the navteq update.

Volvo Mapcare
You can update your Volvo with is getting more popular in Benelux and other parts of Europe. If you drive a Citroen, go to to get the fresh map parts and stellite navi updates.

The 2013 white dvd map update includes southern europe. Emyway with it's navigation map is worth a try. With wip nav plus navteq.comreleases new products.

Honda Navigation
Navteq/Nissan navigation with nissan connect 2013 is similar to the features on the honda navigation dvd. Get the latest update on map of europe 2013. Beware of Navteq torrent downloads on isohunt or pirate bay. The cropped version can make serious damage. The map material doesn't work properly on OEM's. Karla Koi